The Hall of Heartbreak

These roosters came within a cut fingernail of $100k during Tui Catch-A-Million. There were plenty of tales like these over the summer, but as you flocked to stadiums in orange shirts two of you made it into the history books, and the rest, well you will also be remembered. Just not how you want to be.


That’s all she wrote.

Stadiums reached record crowds as the stands flooded with orange shirts and six after six was pelted into the crowd where Hundred-thousandaire hopefuls reached out with one hand to pluck the prize. In the end two legendary catches were made by Hamilton lads Michael Morton and Jatinder Singh. Congratulations on being $100,000 richer boys! Be sure to shout Anderson a cold pint of Tui if you see him around.

We’re putting together a few bits and pieces to showcase some of the best near catches, characters, and moments from the Catch-A-Million summer so stay tuned to check those out.

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