The Yeah Right Competition

So you think ya smart do ya? Well if you're game so are we! Send us your Yeah Right, if we think it's up to scratch, we will not only put your slogan up on one of our Yeah Right billboards, but also send you a Tui prize pack for your efforts.

Your Yeah Right must show your 'smarts', so here are some extra guidelines to help you out

  • Within the boys world.
  • Must be topical, beer related or just bloody funny.
  • No more than 12 words.
  • Must not be overtly sexual, racist, sexist or rude.

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What You Might Win
(if ya smart enough)


Tui prize pack

Most Recent Winner

Last month's Prize Winner was Andrea, with ...

"Couple of beers with the boys babe, i'll be home early. Yeah Right"



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