It has been described as a little Bohemian - grab $4 off a dozen and see for yourself.


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Events round the Brewery

We don’t say that "there’s always something brewing at Tui" for the fun of it, there really is. Check out all the upcoming brewery events here.

Tunes under the tower

Last Sunday of every month. Live local music in the Brewery Garden Bar hosted by a team of Tui Brewery Girls.

Make your own Yeah Right.

Reckon you’re quick with your wit? Submit a Yeah Right to get in the monthly draw for some awesome Tui Kit.

Win the Tui Keg Stool 2.0.

When we gave this away the first time, a rooster made it even better, so we took it back to give it away again!

Take the Tui Quiz.

Fight for bragging rights and awesome prizes in the Tui Trivia Quiz. You’re quick with the bottle caps, now try your luck here.

And now for something else...

  • Available for an unlimited time.

    We left the hops out until late in the piece on this brew, not because we forgot, no, because we knew it would give it a crisp, clean, bitterness.

  • Our founder's lambchops were one pint width apart, coincidence?

    Learn more about the Legend of Tui

  • Tui Brewery, it's our holy grail

    Mangata-Where? Learn more about the origin of the Tui Brewery and its mysterious whereabouts.